Eagle Lake Guardians Newsletter
January 2012
Once we got going this summer we made some significant progress with the Bly Tunnel issue.  After Rebecca and Val went to Sacramento in August and with the help of Guardian Gary Kluck (who spent a lot of time helping us) gained support of our Senator Ted Gaines and our Assemblyman Dan Logue.  We also attended two CDFG Commission meetings regarding the condition of the lake and that even according to CDFG’s own information, the lake level is below what is considered to be the elevation in which the fish and lake are negatively affected.  The lake elevation was at 5096ft in the first part of Nov, only .4 ft higher than 2010. 
By Dec 4, most of the north and middle basins were already iced over.  We can only hope that an additional 4 to 5 inches of lake water will prevent another fish kill over the winter.  Fortunately we have seen a lot of the ice sheet come and go which has allowed for some oxygenation by the wind.  Keeping our fingers crossed until spring. 
Despite being successful in gaining the support of our federal, state and eventually our local Politian’s, the Bly Tunnel valve has not been turned off.  The person at the SWQRCB who had been handling the water rights issues at the state (Mr. Charles Rich) conveniently retired before this issue was solved.  In his place is Mr. C. Hoppins.  Eagle Lake Guardians email campaign to him was responded to by Mr. Dave LaBrie.  If that name sounds familiar it is because he also refused to close down the valve back in 2008/2009.  Finally, the state water board Water Rights Division issued the request to BLM to close the valves in the Bly Tunnel on Dec 21, 2011.  This letter is linked up on our website.   We are giving BLM time to respond to the state’s request to turn off the valve but we believe they will need a little push and a new email campaign will be in store.  We will send out as many emails as we can, but please check Guardians website periodically for Eagle Lake 911 Call to Arms. 
At this time, we are simply hoping that our moisture will come.  All our seasons have been very strange this year.  Last year they were around 2 months late and we’re hoping that it will come as it finally did last year.   If not, then we will have time to get some projects done and going in order to get everything we can when it does come in.  However, if we don’t get anything significant we’re going to be in a world of hurt up here.  Spalding ramp will last a while, but we were keeping our motors up a bit in the channel by November 2011.  Lassen National Forest got the new low lake level ramp usable down south.  It is located behind the marina store and southwest of the jetty.  It is a one lane ramp (or two very small rigs might be able to fit side by side and when getting out of the vehicle you will be on the rocks).  However, the ramp worked well and there was room to turn around for a large pickup and trailer.  There were no courtesy docks at the ramp in December.  Ann Carlson, Eagle Lake Ranger District Ranger insured us at a Spalding Community Service District Meeting on 1-11-12 that a courtesy dock will be installed in spring.  There will be no additional mooring or boat slips. 
This coming spring we will be volunteering for LNF and others for the Pine Creek Water Study…that is if the creek flows.  We are trying to stay positive but must be prepared for the worst which might in hindsight give us all some time to find out and fix what’s broken.  Val and Randy Aubrey are investigating diversions in the stretch of Pine Creek below highway 44 and others such as Rebecca Walker, Rudy Whitmer, Dr Owen (Buck) Bateson and Stan Walton trekked upstream to investigate Triangle Lake.  We are compiling our data in preparation to file some complaints regarding the diversions of this water if we have too.  We will update these on our website when ready.
Our membership renewal time is here.  We need discussion at a meeting to discuss membership issues that have come to our attention.  Our date of renewal is stated as January.  But, what do we do with those joining in October of that year?  Well, we need to have a meeting to discuss when the following year membership is offered.  We want to do this by the book and everything we do needs to be discussed at a meeting!  We need our members to enlist some friends to join this year! Renewing members may simply mail a check with renewal on it.  If contact information has changed please include that.  Also, please print email addresses clearly.  We have gotten a few bounces back on Call to Arms.  When comparing to the filled out form and our database, they are identical but not working. 
We have switched some positions within our management, added a couple new board members and hope to be better organized this next season.  We sincerely believe this needs to be done and at least we are willing to try as well as follow through.  Rebecca is working on our other 501c3 this winter so expect to find us having plenty of fundraisers in the 2012 season.   We appreciate all our members and insure a member number on your next membership card.  Eagle Lake needs us all.  Not one person is less important than any other.  WE can do this together.  Please feel free to call, text or email Val at eaglelakefishing@yahoo.com anytime at 530-249-1430 if you have any questions.  All our banking and income information is public and is available on our website.  Thank you all!  Eagle Lake now has a voice!!
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